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We realize our desires, without correlating, sometimes, desired and real. Around there are many tempting offers, which are not so easy to refuse. For example, the idea of ​​buying a car visits you regularly, and then a very interesting offer has received. How to disagree? And if there is almost enough money for any needs, then many take loans on the security of real estate. There is nothing criminal in this. As a rule, persons who abuse drugs or alcohol become as a rule. It is important for them to get money here and now, and they begin to think about the consequences much later, when there is a real threat of housing loss. The loan can be legally issued by banks, cooperatives, real estate agencies, collateral centers, pawnshops and other legal entities and individuals. Only often the goals of these persons are not so noble. Firstly, such loans are issued at large monthly interest. Secondly, a penalty and fines in the event of a delay in payment are accrued daily in a huge amount. Those. A person very quickly finds himself in such a bondage from which it is no longer possible to get out. So he is forced to sell his real estate, which he laid. You can lose the apartment according to two options: 1. If the borrower cannot cope with the payment of predatory interest. If the debt is constantly accumulating, and it is no longer possible to return it. The amount of penalties sometimes begins to exceed the amount of a real loan. There is only one thing left - the sale of real estate located under the pledge to return the money. Often the lender takes on all the concerns about it. But at the same time, it can put the price that he wants and deceive the borrower. The former owner after the sale of real estate will receive only a miserable difference. 2. The deliberate evasion of the creditor from receiving the debt itself and interest on it. Here, creditors use many tricky moves to pull time, and then, having turned to the court, to receive his real estate from the borrower, since he will not be able to pay the entire amount, taking into account the increased interest and the penalty. In such cases, the borrower cannot prove that payments were not made due to the fault of the creditor. And this very complicates the process. The borrower can extend such a situation by turning to a notary in a timely manner, which can take a debt on behalf of the creditor. With the help of this simple procedure, you can protect yourself from probable difficulties. Thus, your purchase, for which the loan was taken, or the summer cottage will remain with you, and your real estate will not suffer. Bis es jedoch so weit ist, ziehen wohl noch einige Monde ins Land. Selbst wenn es hierzulande endlich eine lizenzgebende Behörde gibt, wird sich wohl nicht viel ändern. Man kann das https://www.casino-charts.de/ nicht neu erfinden und muss sich ohnehin an dem orientieren, was das europäische Gesetz erlaubt. Alle seriösen Casinos, die Sie hier bei uns auf der Seite finden sind ohne hin sehr heiße Kandidaten auf eine deutsche Lizenz, wenn dann einmal irgendwann soweit ist.

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